About Us

Al Sharif Tours is a well established company who are well renowned for providing excellent services. We specialise in tailor made packages that will suit your needs and will allow you to complete the Pilgrimage of Hajj or Umrah in a peace of mind.

Our key focus is to create an unforgettable and rewarding Hajj or Umrah and give you an experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life. Al Sharif Tours is there to ensure that all planning, booking and travel are the least of your worries when setting upon the journey of a life time.

As a company, one thing we are very fond of is the quality of service we provide to each and every customer. Until today all of our services have been the results of word of mouth, which we are very proud of. We treasure our customer base and ensure that we provide excellent customer service from the moment you contact us, throughout your journey and even after you have completed the journey.

We value the importance of performing Hajj and Umrah and understand that our customers have been preparing for this journey for a long time. We are here to guide you through this significant journey and ensure you are a satisfied customer.